Getting Old

It is not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night. However, it is uncommon to wake up in pain. And wake up Tara. That is what happened last night.

Now, I could not get comfortable. I tossed, turned, rolled over… it was a major pain in the ass. More appropriately, a pain in the back. And that was the second pain of the night. All night long I was fighting chest pains… I’m thinking heartburn.

Tara was concerned. She is a complete professional & trying to argue with her about medicine is as futile as trying to argue about the digital read-out devices on an airplane with my father. – It’s just pointless. They are the best at what they do, & I listen. And I also accept when someone is deserving of credit to their accomplishments.

Let me tell you more about my morning:

After waking up, after the terrible discomfort was accepted, Tara gave me the once-over. She asked where & what kind of pain I was experiencing. She felt my back, I imagine, to feel for something – some muscles knotted & knarled up.

“We are going to get you checked out in the morning,” she said.

She was worried there was something wrong with my heart. And to be honest, with the life I led in the past, it would not have surprised me if there was something wrong with my heart.

But that was not the case.

In the morning, we were on our way to E. M. S. I thought we were on our way to see a doctor. No, no – she was going to be the one to check me out.

And she entered the E. M. S. building like a little queen: walking in, telling the employees what she was going to do. Not ask them. TELL them! It was an amazing site. My respect for her, which is high to begin with, multiplied even more. She walked into her world… & she was not going to take any shit from anyone, nor was anyone going to tell her no!

I had to ask her how this was happening… how was it possible for her to walk in, demand equipment, use it, & – now this part id interesting – no cash changed hands. No bribe or compensation to anyone.

“Those kids were my students,” she said while laughing. “I’m the one who taught them how to do their job. None of them are going to say no to me.”


I can live with this, I thought.

All that was wrong with me: some muscles in my back were injured, & I had heartburn.


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