I get messages from my wife’s grandmother. There are messages from people I went to to High School with that, ironically, are very supportive of what I am trying to do with my life… messages from family members & friends from long-gone days.

Messages from former employers; haters, supporters & all of the rest in between.

All of them – & I mean ALL of them have helped me in many ways.

In one of the boxes I received from my parents while visiting Ohio, I reread a letter sent to me by Aunt. I was in a rehabilitation institution at the time. – Almost ALL mail was welcomed at that place. Even divorce papers were welcomed at that place.

In this letter included in a box of many letters, I found something that interested me. My aunt expressed how letter writing has become a forgotten/lost art.

Now, I receive messages from people every day. However, never a letter. I’m going to provide an address to my readers. I would like a letter – ANYONE of you, dear Readers can submit ANYTHING to me. And I will write about it.

Very simple: just start with Dear Leland, & I will respond on this blog with my thoughts.

No, no, no – I am not desperate for material. But I do believe in a responsibility to acknowledge, help, or express a different viewpoint, on any subject.

Someone I greatly admire shared with me his love for mail. I am no different. And anyone whose letter has some profound effect on me, I will write back… and include the letter in my next book.

I want to hear from you, Readers. All of you have given me the confidence to push through the horrible & stagnant & median mode I was in for years.

Time for me to give you some recognition.

Send some letters… you never know how wonderful you are once it is written down on a page.

Please send all submissions/letters to:


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