Record Broken

Something amazing has happened today. Well, it’s amazing to me. It’s 4:07 in the afternoon. I don’t know how many times a day I check the status of how many views I get on WordPress. – It has become an obsession to look and to know I have people reading my writing. And to know how MANY people are reading/viewing my NOTES FROM THE NIGHT DESK blog is a part of that obsession.

Today NOTES… has had more readers & viewers than any other day in the blog’s entire short history: 162 Views!

It’s the first time I had over 100 people reading my work – all in the same day. And there are still hours left before the cut-off happens, which I’m not sure when that is. What I do know: it’s before midnight.

When I first started blogging, I did not think much about it. Did not think I would actually get readers. I mean, maybe some family members… a friend, maybe two. Now, this was before I got a fast & frustrating education on Social Media. And all the different facets & links Social Media has connected to one another. For example, I did not know I could SEND & SHARE my blog writings to different websites. For years, I was very anti-Facebook & anti-twitter & anti-everything Digitally Published.

It just was not attractive to me. I was a writer. I wanted to write. And I wanted a publisher to accept the work, manufacture a book, and then the book would go to stores.

It was a narrow mindset. I’ll admit that. I was stubborn. I did not want to learn what was in vogue, what EVERYONE else was doing. Being against things comes as Second Nature for me. Why that is, I don’t know. But how things change. When I saw the high number of views (high for me, anyway) I was shocked… a little weirded out, and if we are being honest, GRATEFUL!

Grateful people were taking the time out of their day to read some silly blog.

Why aren’t they reading books, my Old Brain would have screamed. Why blogs? That’s NOT writing. Those are people that aren’t REAL writers!

I’m serious.

That was the 25-year old me, mad he was not being discovered by some publisher or agent in New York. In two days, I’ll be 38. I have more people reading my work now than when I was 25.

And guess what?

I’m not as angry.


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