In Response To An Assignment Call

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Black Sparrow Press Logo (1966)

It’s all about the Words! That has been the important thing. They have been romantic & tragic & essential, all at the same time.

But, in the business world, & the World of Words IS a business, a LOGO is required. They ( say a LOGO is not needed; but, in reality, it is. So: I need a LOGO.

What do I have in mind?

Well, I carry a RAMBO knife around the house with me. A machete, really, designed by the one & only Great Gil Hibben. It’s an exact Replica of the prop-knife used by Sylvester Stallone in the 2008 film, Rambo. Deep in my heart is the heart of a Dork. – A nerd. I still carry around “toys”. They are just toys for Grown-Ups.

I guess it’s not THAT strange: think of all the Star Wars Collectors there are. Movie Memorabilia is neat. And that is the best terminology I can come up with. Gil Hibben Rambo IV Machete Knife With Leather Sheath : Sports  & Outdoors
Gil Hibben RAMBO Machete. The Hibben IV.

German-American Writer & Poet, Charles “Hank” Bukowski had trained himself as a Short-Fiction writer through the 1940s & 50s. He was drinking a great deal. He drank cheap beer, cheap wine, cheap whiskey. And he was having what seemed to have been an endurance contest with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jane Cooney Baker.

Bukowski, in his words, went on a “ten-year drunk” which made up his “lost years” while being employed at the United States Post Office Department in Los Angeles, CA.

All that drinking led to him being hospitalized in 1955, with a bleeding ulcer that was nearly fatal. When he left the hospital, he bought a typewriter & began to write poetry.

Something had cracked in Bukowski: all the words were all coming-out in the form of poems.

This morning, while on Facebook, the idea came to me to utilize the tools & help offered to Writers. And I’m part of a Facebook community, Writers Helping Writers. I was not “stuck” this morning on what to write about. But I had this little experiment in mind: Ask For Help.

Ask the other Writers of the online community to come up with an Assignment for me to work on.

Here is what Michelle Runge, another Member of the Writers community since December 09, 2017:

“Like a quick story idea? The earth quakes this time more than normal. A giant crack is created. What comes out of it and why?”

Why the hell not?

That is a good a place to start as any.

Well, Bukowski’s world quaked & cracked & shattered with his near fatal, self-induced affliction.

I, too, suffered from a near-fatal complication, due to alcoholism. I’m a much-more put together human being today. And I can’t wait to see how I will be tomorrow… the day after that…. and the day after that.

But back to Bukowski: John Martin, a manager to an Office Supply warehouse, believed in Hank. Believed so much in him, Martin sold his collection of First Edition books in order to start a publishing company. Start the company to exclusively publish Bukowski.

Hank was 49 years old. Working his gig at the Post Office when, in 1969, Martin put forth the proposition of Bukowski to leave the Post Office to Write full-time.

The two of them figured Hank’s monthly expenses, and he was allotted a stipend.

Black Sparrow Press was born. And it had a LOGO.


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