A Lunch Date Column

Whenever I have a doctor’s appointment, afterward, my wife & I will go on a lunch date. Today was no exception. We went to a seafood restaurant. I had boiled shrimp, spiced with a cajun pepper. Tara had shrimp tacos & yellow rice.

I find that the writing – that life – has become easier & easier. Better & better. For me, with the kind of life I am living now, the words are coming to me in a massive, military, machine-gun type fashion… it’s very beautiful… &, partially, frightening. It’s frightening because I ask myself if I have the time, the patience, the talent to get these fucking words down on the screen… the page… on the recorder.

It has been a wonderful time in my life: to write, to fall in love, to be free from the iron-like clades of sobriety homes… it has all been overwhelming, yet wonderful.

Now, dear Readers, listen to me: get yourselves together. Find out who you are, & what you want. I have! My goodness, I’m a published author, a farmer, a husband, a massive, daily pain-in-the-ass; however, I’m better today than I was yesterday, let alone a year ago.


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