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Another One About A Dog

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“Write me something,” she said.

We were in bed, our arms around one another. – It was bliss, in the way people know what kind of bliss I mean. And yet, my mind was not only on how wonderful my soon-to-be-wife is, but it was also on poor Coco.

Yes, this will be another dog column. What can I say? We have twelve dogs. They are a BIG part of our lives. Their well-being – both physical & mental – is one of the top things of Tara’s to keep in order list.

Poor Coco… she is not going to be with us for much longer. She is eight years old, a chocolate lab mix of some sort, and she is dying of the Big C. Cancer.

Last night was a rough night for Coco. She spent most of the day under the bed. That is not unusual. For as long as I have been here. During the evening, though, she tried to walk into the living room to get something to eat & watch movies with me & Tara. She was staggering, falling down, and Tara had to pick her up to bring her on the couch with us.

Now I’ll admit me & Coco have not always gotten along. Sometimes, when Tara wants to move her off the bed, she will snarl & growl & show her teeth. That kind of behavior will NEVER sit well with me. She has an attitude problem. And for good reason.

(I have to remind myself: she is in PAIN & Dying. It is only natural the pore dear is an exuberant, tail-wagging puppy anymore

She was in pain. We gave her two different medicines for her. A couple of painkillers, and a “special” cookie.

A good dog. She really is. And I hate the fact we will be putting her down soon. I have put animals down, personally, if you know what I mean. But that is not what is going to happen between me & Coco, thank God. A veterinarian that does house calls will be coming at the start of next week.

Last night it was so bad, she wet herself while the three of us were relaxing together for the evening. We quickly got her off the couch. She could not walk. She stood there, peeing on herself, and on the hardwood floor. Coco knew what she did – what she could not control – & she was embarrassed. It was very sad. Tara & I assured her over & over again that it was okay.

“I’m sorry I can’t fix you,” Tara kept telling our dog

Indeed. I’m sorry about all of it, too.

It’s always hard to lose a friend.

I’m just thankful she has lived long enough to have befriended me.