On Editing

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Notes From the Night Desk

I’m horrible at editing my own work. Or anyone else’s work, for that matter. I’m horrible at spelling, my grammar is atrocious, and I don’t take the time to read over my work before I publish it.

I’m always so excited, listening to all the pages sliding a screaming into the printer’s tray. The first time holding (even clutching them to me, feeling that weight…the New Born is ALIVE) and melting of something inside me begins, A once-swarmed desk… stacks and stacks of pages from the crime scene of my office has been organized and put away!

As far as this First Draft of what will be my third. book.

I have to keep working on the changes, expansions, scenes rewoked, and stories completely deleted. Me and Tara tell on ourselves how old we are becoming. Or, more accurety, how old we are.

Me slowing down has been the…

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