Just Like A Kid

Going out to get pizza is something I have enjoyed since childhood. Usually, I think of movies, Friday nights, and the start of a weekend… you know, kid thoughts. Thoughts of summer afternoons and after-school nights with friends at the pizza parlor, the Book It! reading program, and pitchers of Coca-Cola.

Tonight my wife and I are going out to pick up some pizzas. No! It is not Friday – it’s a Monday, in fact – and we are not kids. At least our bodies aren’t. However, dear Readers, I would be lying to you if I wrote that I do not feel like a kid. Just this afternoon I even received a toy in the mail.

Now I get to eat pizza on a Monday night. Hell, yes!

Who said you had to grow up to have fun?

(I think I did, at one time, but I was wrong. Fun can be the reliving of days past and gone. A feeling brought back by smells and sounds and movements.)

It’s a small and silly thing: getting a pizza. On the other hand, if it’s something that brings a smile to your face, makes you, for a moment, forget about the bills to pay, the projects to complete, or the struggle to keep it together, by all means – buy that cheese, crispy pie.

You will thank me when you do. And remember, not all great things are hard to obtain.


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