The Adventures & Mishaps of Winnie the Ditch Dog

Something has been happening. The bright-up world is drooling. And it’s drooling all over me. The bright-up world is not so bright these days. It is the color of the hard toys in the yard. The air smells funny too. It smells alive. Like something will jump out of the tall sticks stuck in the ground. The air also barks. It will bark for a second. It will flash a bright light. And then bark some more. The drool will start. It hits my head hard. I run for the opening wall. The one with the shiny ball on it. When the wall opens -there is Giant Mama or Giant Papa.

“… look at you…”

“… don’t let her get on the couch…”


Giant Mama and Giant Papa sound like they are mean and mad. But they smell happy. I feel like I was in the big puddle… the one far away down the dirt line. The puddle that I can’t feel my feet. I have to move my feet really fast to not be hugged by the puddle. That is scary. The big puddle hug.

“… get a towel…”

“… hurry… she’s going for the chair.”

I like this game. Giant Papa is after me. We are playing CATCH HER. One of my favorite games. They are so much fun. We bark and play. There is a soft blanket they rub all over me when they catch me. They rub and rub and rub. My kisser is out and I pant. It feels so good. And my fur feels light. It’s puffed out.

“… she looks like a Wooley bear…”

“… she’s cute…”

“… or something going to a punk concert…”

Giant Papa scratches my top. Giant Mama holds me warm and tight and safe in the special blanket. I like these days.


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