The Adventures & Mishaps of Winnie, the Ditch Dog (pt.4)

Giant Papa put me out. It was the black outside. Giant Papa is always roaming around the rooms during the black outside. I was sleeping in the softbox with Giant Mama. I woke up. I started to make funny noises. My back legs went from side to side. This is when I need to go out in the black outside.

It’s time to potty.

When I have t potty I have to go outside. The black outside. The bright outside. It just has to be outside. When I have an accident Giant Pappa gives me a whipping. I cry when that happens. It does not hurt. It’s scary. And he barks mean. Giant Mama barks at him. He growls at Giant Mama.

It’s confusing.

So I try to potty in the big outside. My white puppy toys are in the big outside. Especially the black outside. They bark and I jump and play and bark with them.

“… Winnie-Winnie-Winnie…”

Giant Papa. That’s my call. In the black outside Giant Papa stands next to the bright moving wall. Sometimes he has a bright branch that makes the black disappear in small spots. Like the big hot thing over my head during bright outside.

“… come here… good girl…”

I like when he says that. It makes me wiggle. I pottied. I can go back into the inside. Into the sleeping room. With Giant Mama. Giant Papa will carry me to the softbox. He will do a funny thing with his face. He will push it on the top of Giant Mama’s head. He will whine a whine I don’t understand. It’s a nice noise.

“… I love you… be in bed soon… if there is room for me…”

“… always…”

Giant Papa and Giant Mama smell funny when they bark and whine like that. It smells like the colors of everything around. The smell of the hard sticks in the ground too big to fit in my mouth. The smell of the big dark puddle past our big room with lots of rooms. The smell that comes in from the fast and moving room. And a smell I can’t describe. Both of them have that smell. But they only have it when they are together. Especially during black outside time. I’m sleepy. Giant Papa will come into the softbox. Giant Mama is warm. Her paw is on my belly. It feels nice. We will be together again in the sleepy outside. Before the hot outside wakes up.


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