The Adventures & Mishaps of Winnie (pt.3)

“… she has gone crazy…”

“… wild pup… she’s going to get her little butt bit…”

I was playing with my big, white puppy toys. All of us are in the big room. There were small giants talking and moving in a window. They have no smell. Funny noises follow them in the big room. Papa and Mama giant are on the long and skinny softbox in front of the funny window. I want to play. I bark at the big puppies. I pull and pull at their funny long legs on their butts. When they growl and bark I jump back. I wiggle my butt. I bark back and charge. I grab and grab. They seem to be having fun. We are finally playing.

“… here comes Tike… here Tiker-Lee… good boy, Bubby…”

The puppy they call Tike is grumpy. He barks and growls differently than the other puppies. I think he is a puppy. He is a little higher than me. But not as wide. When I try to play and hug him he makes mean noises. I try to pat him to make him feel better. But that does not make him feel better. He makes meaner noises. He bites at something I can’t see. I’ll leave him alone. Go play with some other puppy. The one puppy with big ears. It looks like he rolled in different colors of dirt. He sleeps right by Giant Pappa’s head when it’s black in the sky and on the ground.

“… think little Winnie-Winnie-Winnie remembers being in the ditch…”

I hear my call. Winnie-Winnie-Winnie. When I turn Giant Mama is patting my rear.

“… maybe… but I think she will just remember us…”

I turn to look for the dirt colors puppy. He can be grumpy too. He does not like it when I try to sleep next to him by Giant Pappa’s head.

“… she is better off here… wish she had another puppy to play with…”

“… there is June-Bug…”

“… she is more a mother dog than a playmate…”

Giant Papa puts the smelly white stick in his mouth. I stumble back before he makes it hot. When it’s hot you can see it breathe. And it breaths out of his muzzle. It’s confusing. This is our black outside time. But it’s not black in the big room. It feels safe and warm and cool at the same time. Giant Mama and Papa bark a lot. And they do the fast funny bark. A funny-sounding bark like they are trying to swallow and pant at the same time. It’s a good sound. One that makes me make noise too. A higher noise like when I was somewhere else. It makes my rear wiggle. I don’t understand it. It is good to feel. It feels happy. I know they are happy

“… tired… time for sleep…”

“… need to go potty… time to go outside…”

Giant Mama picks me up and away from my big white puppy toy. She is putting me in the black outside. How long? I make my noise. Put my paw up and down on the moving wall. I want to be in the softbox. Giant Mama will be there with my other puppy toys. Giant Papa will be there later. He wakes me up when he tries to come onto the softbox. Then I will be in the black outside until I potty.

“… I love you…”

“… goodnight…”


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