Some Things I Just Won’t Take

When someone I love or admire is attacked, my first obligation is to the victim. To assure them there are many cowards in the world – the type of people that hide behind many masks & platforms, and spew vile, immature hatred into the world… to HURT, period. And, yes, I do believe people that are verbally or digitally attacked by pathetic maggots with malicious intent are victims. All people have thoughts & feelings & reactions to others. An online world is just as much of a world – maybe even more so – than Our physical world. I can’t randomly start preaching & insulting & screaming insults to a stranger on the street without repercussions. My goodness, you would be in REALLY big trouble. Just imagine if someone took a REAL offense? What if someone HIT or SHOT at you?

What put me in this mood this afternoon? What is driving me t write this piece?

When I woke up, I checked my messages & Facebook newsfeed. On my feed was a horrible rant of such disgusting depths of stupidity to a wonderful Southern man & writer – a man I admire, I was physically ill after reading it.

Accusations of this man being the type of man that is the main problem with society… that he is a misogynist… “probably a bigot,” & “[he} represent[s] white male privilege and are thereby a microcosmic representative of everything that is wrong with this nation.”

Well, I would like to retort to this ignorant, shit-filled, arrogant motherfucker.

I was introduced to this wonderful man’s writing – this man you are trying to break down with hate – at the lowest time of my life. A time when I SAW what some of the TRUE MEAN & DANGEROUS aspects of this Nation were a waking part of my life – a life surrounded with people that PHYSICALLY HURT others & stole from others – FOR FUN! REAL walking, diseased, addicted devils… people that had no empathy or sympathy; no patience for ANYBODY or ANYTHING!

Now, you egotistical, dumb fuck:

That Sothern writer you maliciously attacked, he had the ability – through his writing & actions – to provide me with hope. And, more importantly, provided me with the right nudge to move forward. To better myself. To look around the world around me & find the blessings in life. And to believe in ME!

Now, you are going to encourage people NOT to read something uplifting that could change their lives for the better? What kind of shit-stain are you to deprive ANYONE of something as wonderful as that. Your puss-like-stench of negativity is something I do not tolerate anymore in my life.

And though that good Southern gentleman you purposefully hurt is a better man NOT to stoop to your arena of filth, I’m not, motherfucker.

If I were to see you on the streets, it would give me great pleasure & therapeutic to release to kick your fucking teeth down your throat. The sound of skull crack would be an inspirational orchestra for me to continue the rapture.

So: FUCK YOU. And fuck all of your kind that take shots at people trying so hard to make the world a little less darker.

The Man from the South: he inspired something good in my life, and in many other people.

Look what you inspired in me.


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