The Adventures & Mishaps of Winnie (pt. 2)

I didn’t understand. I didn’t do anything wrong. I went into the big puddle behind the field. I followed my big white puppy toy into the water. I was good. And the water felt so good. When I got out I rolled in the dirt. It felt so nice and cool on my belly. I barked out my good feelings. Growled at the other big puppies. I was tough and brave.

“… it’s alright Winnie… just get in… it won’t hurt you…”

I was scared. The giant called Papa was holding me over a different kind of puddle in the cleaning room. The water smelled funny. Not like the other big puddle that smelled like wet dirt and animals and plants. I like that puddle. How big it is. How my paws sink into the ground beneath the water.

“… hold still…”

I was lifted up. The giant Papa held me over the bright funny-smelling puddle. I was scared. And I pottied. I didn’t mean to. Giant Papa did not whip me. He put me in warm water. I slipped when I hit the ground. I kept slipping and slipping. I tried to jump out. It was scary. Giant Papa held me down. Water was barking from a shinny snout. He put my head into it. He patted my head down. Warm weather was all around me. Clouds from the sky were in the water. Giant Papa pushed the funny-smelling clouds into my fur. Floating eyes were all around me. I was scared. I tried to tell Giant Papa to stop. But he did not understand.

“… it’s okay, girl… almost done…”

“…is she alright…”

Giant Mama came into the cleaning room. She smelled funny. She sat next to Giant Papa. She rubbed me down. The funny-smelling cloud started to run down a hole with the water.

“… I’ll get a towel… hold her in the tub…”

Giant Papa picked me up from the puddle. All the water was gone. He put me in a warm blanket and hugged and rubbed me for a long time. I felt funny. I felt like my fur was breathing. Afterward is not so bad. But that funny puddle is scary.


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