The Misadventures & Mishaps of Winnie, the Ditch Puppy

“… we are going to be there. Might as well pick up…”

They are going somewhere. Barking fast and moving fast. Papa. The one named Papa is putting things in a bigger thing. He puts it over his body. A big collar. With a big pouch. I’m in the sleepy room. On the big softbox. It’s where the two giants sleep. It smells like sleep. Warm. Comfortable. And safe. The one named Mama is in the small clean room. She is putting colorful stuff on her face. Looking at another Mama on the wall. But that is not a real Mama. That Mama stays in the wall.

“… should we pick up some salad stuff from the…”

Papa makes a funny noise with something in his paw. It sounds like small bells that the other strange-looking puppies ware. Puppies with strange and hard and sharp paws. The puppies sound not like a puppy. Puppies that sound like they are complaining. I would complain too if I was stuck behind the funny-looking trees with metal hugging them. Those puppies have to stay there. And they complain.

“… where is…”

“… little Winnie… come on… Winnie…”

My backside starts moving. This means I’m happy. The long thing on my butt goes side to side. I can’t control it. I try to get it off. When I yelp Papa sees me on the softbox. He says something I don’t understand. My ears feel good. They are high. And I can hear better. They are going somewhere. I am going with them. I like going with them. The fast-moving room has wind. I like the wind. It comes from a crack in the see-through wall. All the smells can be smelled in the fast-moving room. I hope we go to the food room. The big food room.

“… is Winnie in…”

“… everyone is in…”

I’m behind the Mama and Papa giants. The fast-moving room makes a light humming whoof. It starts to move. I bark. We start forward.



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