Daily Reminders

This morning, I have family on my mind. I’m writing this on my laptop, sitting on the couch. And, right in front of me, on the coffee table are pictures framed of family. The one that I have been looking at the most is a 4 X 6 color image of me & two of my kids. Normally, I prefer black & white photos, but this one is special, full of color.

I’m in the middle of the photo, my arms around my son & niece – two of my kids! I have three beautiful children, I love them; two of them are from my sister & brother-in-law. I know, I have written those lines before. But – they are words that always will need to be said.

I look at that picture, thinking how small they are. The children, my son, no bigger than a big toddler, my niece – I have no idea of her age during the time the picture was being taken – darker skin, a twin-like reflection of my sister & her husband… and, oh, how beautiful she is.

She just got an award for having a 4.0 grade-point average all year from school. She is also on the track team, plays volleyball, and survived several illnesses this year. She is, truly, one of my heroes.

Also on the coffee table are pictures of my wife, Tara, with one of her dogs that passed away this year, a photo of my uncle, my mother’s brother, who passed several years ago, and two images of my son – all of these photos reminding me I have a past. I have a unique family.

Family is a funny thing. At this moment an aunt of mine is close to shaking hands with the Good Lord, himself. The doctors gave her a month left to live. I received this information from two other family members I have not seen in years. Their hearts were open enough to make contact with me.

That means so much to me!

I know all I can do is keep all of them in my prayers, which I do. And to keep communicating. I’m a sucker; one with a big heart. Some days I wish I wasn’t… but I can’t help being what I am.

My thoughts go to all families going through the hard times of life. And I wish all of the good people around could have the blessed life that I have had.

We all need to pay a debt. We all owe a life. That is the price of having a life… but we don’t need to cash that check alone.


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