And the Beat Goes On

Anyone can write about anything. Even if it is deplorable, desperate, despicable, or even beautiful – people should write about what is inside of them; maybe what they wish could be inside of them. And, maybe, write about what they are afraid to write about.

One of the wonderful things about America is we have to right express ourselves. Whether or not people agree or disagree with it (also one of our rights) is irrelevant.

I’m not sure WHY I am writing about this…

Maybe it has to do with several conversations I had in the past week. A wonderful & kind woman who inspired me, and even paid me, to read when I was in elementary school. The other, my mother’s cousin, though I call her Aunt.

Each one, naturally, had different reactions to the book. My “Aunt” has not finished reading the whole thing. She told my mother it was too difficult to read. – She has emotional reactions to the ugliness from my past. And I can’t say that I blame her. It would be hard for me read about such hardships endured by someone I care about. On the other hand, there is kind of some happy ending (or, more accurately endings) in the book. The sections go from dark to darker, to better, leading to a good cross-section of growth & acceptance.

(Not that I’m trying to ruin anything for any of you that might read the book. But it surprises me how different the reactions were.)

This other lady, the grandmother of my good childhood friend, not only read the whole thing but wrote a book report about it, asking my family for my contact information to send it along to me.

How much I look forward to reading it.

Whether it be good, great, mean, or kind, to have someone take time out of their day to respond to what I do… well, is a compliment. For years, I have written to people whose work I admire, and ALL of them have been generous with their time enough to respond to me & answer questions. It has been one of the great & good gifts in my life. Being acknowledged by people – hell, anyone that is a positive force – is a blessing.

A letter.

An email.

Even a phone call can change a person’s day… for better, or worse. So always be aware of what you write. If you write to be hurtful – purposefully malicious… you don’t have to send it. If it’s purgation you seek, by all means, write it down. It does not mean it needs to be shared.

(Wow! I’m really starting to sound preachy.)

With that, I’ll close for now. It’s a special day. My wife’s birthday. And I’ll be sure to share some of the highlights later on.


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