A Sad & Peaceful Ending

Well, dear Reader, the turtle, Boxy, did not make it. We received a text message from the vet. He stated there was too much internal & external damage to the animal that nothing could be done. So, in all the good that is decent in humanity, they put her down.

She did not have to suffer for weeks on end, which she could have.

That’s right, it was a female box turtle. And all I can feel good about the whole damned thing was we tried. I guess that is the moral of the story. We went above & beyond to save her – a TURTLE, for crying out loud! In the end, though, some things can not be saved. We have to accept that. And that goes for so many things in life.

On a brighter note, I wish to thank you, Readers, for the messages you have sent me. Both currently & in the past. I even thank The Haters, &, yes, I have them as well. I try not to let it bother me. The only solace I have about it is recognizing people are reading my words. Whether they hate it or love it is irrelevant. My job is to engage a reader. Actually, scratch that last sentence. – My job is to WRITE, stay sane, & feel the joy you feel when The Word is put down… & put down with honesty & delight.

Ever since October, my dedication has grown. Keeping up with this daily blog has been a lot of fun. Seeing how many people read has been a wonderful & humbling gift.

In all honesty, my favorite things I have written have been about the “normal” things of everyday life. Everything from grocery shopping with my wife to picking out a Christmas tree. And, of course, reminiscing with you Readers about some of the wonderful things in my childhood.

It has been a real blessing to confess & breathe with all of you out there. Sure: not everything I write is good, but I hope there is some good in everything I write.

With that, I bid you adieu. And I’ll write to you all tomorrow.

Good session.


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