An Email

Early this morning I checked my email. I received a message from one of my mother’s friends. She reminded me how, years ago, she gave me a pocket watch as a gift. A gift to remind me about time… to be aware of it, & to acknowledge its importance.

Well, after years where “time” was wasted, I now appreciate it for what it is. And I also acknowledge how little amount of time you, me – everybody – have in this world. Back when I was 19 (maybe 20) I wanted to be dead before the age of 30. I wanted to experience so much life in one, quick & vast swoosh, I’d be gone before reaching the Good Years.

And, right now, these are the good years.


What a strange thing it is. And it’s strange we are the only animal that acknowledges it… that we know of.

It’s also amazing to me how much has happened in such a short amount of time. My world has completely changed in the past six months. Everything from how I view life, relationships – even writing has changed. Which all took TIME to digest & get accustomed to.

So many people – the society in general – are used to things NOW! I fall guilty in this category. When I want something, my patience is lacking. Not that I’m spoiled… well, maybe a little. Anyway, for the longest time, the thought of waiting for ANYTHING seemed stupid. I was going to be dead soon. Why wait for anything?

Things have changed, now… a little. It seems like now, everything is coming up so fast. All the changes & moves & growth have come as fast as fate-like bullets.

Life is fast enough without impatience.

That’s something I have to remind myself of every day.

(Author’s Note: Me & Tara have not received any word from the vet’s office on how the turtle, Boxey, is doing. However, I will send word to all of you when/if we hear anything.)


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