History of the sandwhich.

Why not?

I can write about that. And the reason I became fascinated with the subject is over something I read this morning. Apparently one of the Earls of Sandwich was a pretty rotten fellow. I mean rotten in the Marquis de Sade kind of way.

(Hopefully, all of you get that reference.)

Tara & I had somewhat of a sandwich dinner last night: cheddar brats & fries. And think, dear Readers, how many times throughout the week do we eat a sandwich, or make one, or order one through a drive-through or deli?

It’s pretty amazing, really. It is such a common thing. As common as socks & campfires & shoelaces.

Anyway, back in England, in 1762, the sandwich was created for John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. However, it was not until 1815 that the recipe for a sandwich was made available in a cookbook for Americans. Montagu, who was a treacherous & degenerate gambler on all fronts was so hooked on his addiction he refused to leave the card table one night for time to eat. He requested food from the kitchen, nonetheless, & was served bread & meat, which he made a sandwich.

That is pretty much the only positive thing the Earl of Sandwich is known for. Apparently, he was so twisted & addicted to orgies & gambling, that he was the one solely responsible for England selling off the Hawaiian Islands, making England lose control of the Pacific.

It wasn’t until the America Depression hit in 1929 (lasting till 1939) that the sandwich became a staple. Everything from hotdogs to Po’Boys in New Orleans to the classic Hoagies – and/or hoggies – were prevalent. They were cheap, easy to put together – & DELICIOUS.

Now, hundreds of years later, we have breakfast sandwiches, Veggie & Vegan sandwiches, shops & delis & restaurants dedicated to what that demented Earl’s sloth & addiction to gambling produced… a simple entre, once bestowed only to royalty, evolved into something for the consumption of the Masses.

I heard them called “sammies”, “grinders” & all sorts of silly titles… but, in the end, it’s anything you put between two pieces of bread. If you are ever in the ghetto of some Necroplis-like city, you’ll even see maple syrup sandwiches, sardine sandwiches, and even Cheez Wiz sandwiches.

Doesn’t matter where in the hell something comes from, or by who. Anything can be improved. – ANYTHING! Just as much as anything can be screwed up.

Keep that in mind the next time you reach into the breadbox.


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