Stronger & Stronger


As I wrote in an earlier column, I’m not a religious s.o.b. However, because of my wife & her affiliation, we will watch a live Feed sermon from time to time.

Preacher Jamie Steele – a man I had the privilege to meet at the local Wal-Mart – spoke of the Ressurection this morning.

Of course, I thought. It’s Easter. A Christian sermon on Easter… what else is there to speak of? The Resurrection – yes, yes. The topic of the day, as it should be.

But near the end of said sermon, Preacher Jamie switched gears. He started speaking about hope. He told a story about visiting a prison. He asked the Warden who the most dangerous man in the prison was.

“That’s simple, Preacher,” the Warder said. “The man that has no hope.”

Talk about a punch-to-my-face recall of days gone by. Bad days. Dozens of memories, hundreds & hundreds of days came back to me. Days when I had no hope – NONE whatsoever. Not only would I do or say anything, but there was no conscious in my actions, because there was NOTHING, nor nobody, I was wanting. No hope for ANY future.

And I drifted & floundered that way for years.

When did I get Hope back? How did I get it back?

I’m not sure. And it’s not important. What is important is I grabbed it, & I will not let it go. Sure: there are struggles every day. It would be false & wishful thinking to not acknowledge that. But to hope & to dream is SO important. Trust me, dear Readers – it is very important. Something needs to keep the heart pumping and the brain working.

Every night I go to bed with the hope & belief things will grow stronger & stronger in what is most precious in my heart.

Hope. What a silly & essential thing. At least for me. Yes, yes – it can be dangerous. The letdown, the downstroke from disappointment is ever a threat… but take it from me – it’s worth it!


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