This morning at roughly 8:54 am, I gave final approval for the book to be uploaded and available for purchase on

My Project Manager informed me it may take 72 hours before it can be purchased. But the important thing is the bulk of the work is done. Of course, there is little concept of promoting it. Having people buy it. However, the important thing for me was to finish it. This was a personal, hellish & glorious venture into trying to obtain some sense of confirmation.

I wanted – almost NEEDED – to feel a certain sense of accomplishment at what I have been working on for years.

Not the book.

But writing.

Yes, yes, yes: the first piece in Notes From the Night Desk was inspired by a conversation I had with my sister back in 2013, but the bulk of this bastard-of-a-book was written in four or five months. Every day I was on this keyboard, thinking of what can possibly be interesting enough to share with others…

and who would care?

Well, on the phone with my mother yesterday, I got a little bit of confirmation. My mother will go out for tea with some of her oldest & dearest friends. It was mentioned by one of these ladies that, after reading one of my columns, it made her laugh out loud.

That made my heart happy.

I made someone laugh.

Sometimes that is what a person should have before having to mop the floor, pay the bills, clock in to a job they may not like… hell, sometimes a laugh can stop a person from doing something REALLY stupid & permanent.

That is a great feeling. THAT is a GREAT form of confirmation that I am writing the way that can reach a person.

No! I’m no Hemingway or King or Faulkner or Twain. – What I can be – and what I can write about – is myself, in a style that I find fun to work with.

Notes is not the beginning. It’s the evolution of something I started back when I was a kid.

I remember the first story I wrote. I don’t remember how old I was. I know I did it because my uncle had given my family a word processor. The story was about a mountain man. He hunted & wrestled grizzly bears. And that was what I wanted to be and do.

I have wrestled some grizzlies in my day. Not the type you see working their way up the side of an Alaskan mountain, or the type that has been skinned & made into a rug… but they were grizzlies, nonetheless. And just as vicious.

My proof copy of Notes From the Night Desk will be in my hands by Tuesday, April 05, 2022.

My first book!

And I can honestly say I have been putting off a good deal of things, waiting for that damn thing to be in my hands.

I thank all of you that continue to read & support me these months. All the kind messages of encouragement have been a blessing… and an eye-opening lesson about how good people can be.


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