Being Put In Place

Tonight is an odd night. I am reminded of how wonderful of a woman I have. Now, that is not odd, but the fact she placed this laptop on my lap, telling me to write is odd,

In the past, I would write. Just to write was like a gift from God. I would just do it.

In the past month, a month where time seems to be going as fast as second, I have not been creatively productive as I usually am.

However, the wonderful woman that seems to feel strongly for me, puts the writing machine on my lap to communicate with you wonderful Readers.

There are two dogs to my right, sleeping as lazy dogs will do… an amazing month of moving & dogs & fights & wonder. An amazing life!

If any of you have ever felt the hell-bent fury of concrete loneliness, to find ourselves in a home, with a family, you might know where I am coming from. A family of dogs… a family being brought back together, of making new members of that family.

I want this to be a short & sweet piece.

What makes this so wonderful is the assistance/insistence my girl put on me doing it.

She knows this is what I love doing – she knows it is who I am.

True, true: I have been lax on my res[possibility as a writer. But, now, let us all take into consideration EVERYTHING that has been going on. Everything from moving, selling and wrangling-up pigs, trying to fulfill legal, parental obligations… my goodness, my life has never been so busy & wonderful & complete.

And there is all of you out there.

All of you reading this.

And, oh, how I appreciate & love you.

Next month is going to be a killer-hell-woven-freakish time for my writing,

My girl will be starting a new job. She will be working at home, with me. Making sure I do what I am supposed to be doing. And, yes, I need that kind of support & encouragement.

Why not admit it?

For all of you out there, everyone should have such care & encouragement.


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