Yesterday Morning

Not all things can be good ALL the time. Even at this secluded compound, family strife still arises, political unrest still takes & exhales deep, poisonous breaths over the television & computer & cellphone screens; couples still squabble over the mundane annoyances of life to one another… hardship has a never-ending, iron-clad grip onto everyone, everywhere, in some form or another.

It could be the third-grader that forgot his or her lunch on the kitchen counter, with no time to remember to grab it, a smalltown businessman having to close-up shop because there was not enough profits & sales, a dog with cancer uncontrollably pissing itself beneath a master bed… people lacking emotional intellect to help them understand that problems are not just designed for them, & let’s not forget the world’s dwindling grasp on being patient.

And, somedays, I feel like all of those things are me. – That they affect me, frustrate and limit my serenity, & I’m just another intolerant asshole not mature enough to handle the frustration – the drama!

Then things like this morning’s farm chores changed all that.

I woke up in a good mood. I fried an egg, shredded some gouda cheese, and then sprinkled the cheese over the steaming egg, placing it in a dinner roll for a nice breakfast sandwich. To wash it down, a cold 24 oz Starbucks coffee/energy drink.

It was a fabulous breakfast. And the sun was shining. A little chill in the air, but it brought about a bright & good feeling.

I wanted to get the pigs & chickens & goats fed early. Before Tara was home from work. She has been getting up at three in the morning to work her second job at a clinic, a clinic specializing in addiction care. She is usually back early in the afternoon.

If anything, a partner should think of ways to make their loved one’s life easier.

That is what I thought about while driving the side-by-side ATV to the goat & pig pens. We can always find a way to make someone’s day a little better. Action is the keyword in this Rant of mine. To make something better – to make something worse – SOMETHING has to be done. And, sometimes, doing nothing is that SOMETHING that will ruin your day, your family’s day…

Start off with a good breakfast. It helped me this morning.


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