Oh, But They Keep Us Safe

Notes From the Night Desk

May be an image of 1 person and dog

Okay! I will admit it. Sometimes, I do not like them. As big & as fluffy-looking & puppy-like as they are, the problem is, that is what they are: too big, too fluffy, and immature pups. It’s not that they are in the way so much as we all live in a house too small for all of us. Especially THEM! The Polar Wolves, as Tera has so poetically named them.

The worst one of them all, though, is the one we call Big-Big. And that’s truly what he is: BIG. One really, really BIG dog/puppy. The largest of the four wolves.

Willie is his real name, named after Willie Nelson, I believe, and it’s not his size that is so bothersome. It’s his damned, sad temperament & looks. All an intruder needs to do is look into those big, sad eyes & realize there is not one vicious bone…

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