Getting Out

One of the interesting things I’m currently going through is DOING things. Things I would have never done before. My Special Lady Friend that does so much, does not insist that I do. She just supports the choice I have made to expand my world a little.

For example: We have a place. And I am not talking about our home. I’m talking about an establishment. A restaurant called The Vault. The building was formally used for a bank, and guess what: the bank vault is still in the building. Hence, the name. We would like to be dubbed “regulars” at The Vault. We want to know the servers, the owner, and even the people that perform Live Music there. And we would like for them to know Us.

Why is this important to me?

I really don’t think I have a proper answer. I just know it feels right. That feeling of being a part of something again is an amazing thing. Even if that “thing” is just being a regular at the local eatery.

But enough of that gibberish, for now.

Today was a GOOD day. And not that I have had any BAD days during the weeks I have spent in North Carolina, it just seemed like today was exceptionally positive & constructive. For one: I received more “Likes” on my blog today than on any other day since I started it. True: I may have started the whole thing up back in 2013. But it did not become an essential, daily task to Post any form of work until the Summer of last year.

And it feels good in knowing I may be reaching somebody out there with these funny little sketches. That I may, dare I say it, actually have readers. Grasping such a concept still feels foreign to me. Almost overbearing. See a Great Fear of mine is humiliation. And, for the love of God, if I were to make an ass out of myself in my writing… well, I wouldn’t be able to forgive that.

Another important thing that made today feel so good was how much I got done in the house. I have not mentioned that My Special Lady Friend & I are moving. Well, not really moving. We will still be on The Compound, but the house we live in is up for Sale.

Our first showing will be this evening. It took less than forty-eight hours before people were messaging & calling about this little place. AND WE ARE NOT PREPARED!

There is all the packing & cleaning & organizing & throwing out what is, technically, not of value. She has lived here ten + years. Enough time to accumulate MORE than what is needed to survive. Me: I arrived here eight-or-nine weeks ago. And when I arrived, I had two bags. Sure, I have more material possessions now than I have had in five years. But not so much a good hour & a couple of boxes wouldn’t cure to erase any evidence I so much as even walked through the door, let alone lived here.

Maybe part of that is the problem. I have not left a Mark on any one place I have lived at for so long, packing what possessions I have now seems sad.

Don’t take this reading the wrong way. Both of us will be moving to a bigger & better place. Together. There is even an alternative place to stay if we do sell the house soon.

However, there is sting to the situation of me packing my things back up. Getting settled in. I can’t imagine what it feels like for her. – This place, where I write these very words, this was/is her home.

Anyway, I moved a lot of things around today. Cleaned. Took care of the animals. And she & me had a good afternoon & evening together.

I thought to myself as we were passing one another from one part of the house to another: Maybe she is my home. As long as her door is always open to me, that is where my home will be.


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