“Just A Couple of Things”

When I suggested we go out for lunch, I did not mean to work well past lunch. By the time I was ready to take a break from writing to eat something, it was well past five. Not that My Special Lady Friend minded. She has been very supportive & understanding about my work being important to me.

It was raining & grey & cold outside. The opposite of what one would associate with Southern weather. It makes it easier to stay inside, to continue working when it’s dismal out.

We were on our way to the restaurant. She pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store.

I was confused, which is normal.

“What are we doing here,” I asked.

She smiled.

“Oh, I just need to pick up a few things for that pasta thing I want to make.”

A few things.

Let me share something with you, Reader: we were in that store for an hour. The whole time, without shame, this little lady kept telling me we were not grocery shopping.

We only had an entire cart overflowing with everything from three large frozen pizzas, bags of vegies, disinfectant spray, coffee & creamer – you name it! We were GROCERY SHOPPING. By the end of it, we were laughing at the absurdity of all of our purchases in that little cart.

My Special Lady could not even get to her purse at the check-out line to get her discount card out. The purse was being crushed by various items of varying weight & importance.

Oh, & I forgot to mention: She likes to buy in bulk. So, even if it were just “a couple” of things to pick up, that small cart would still have been full.

And I told her I was going to write about it – our little comedic adventure, buying just a few things.

I swear, other shoppers were probably questioning our sanity… or sobriety. People shouldn’t be laughing that much getting groceries. And we were loud.

We still ended up going to dinner. And I had some of the best teriyaki chicken wings of my life. A Saxaphone playing Latino blew the blues out of everyone in the place with fast & loud & funny music.

After that, we came home.

She went to bed.

(Having to wake up at 3:30 in the morning requires some sleep.)


Hell, I stayed awake.

There were some things I needed to write.


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