It Hit

You have to put it down when it comes to you. I’m talking about that first line that could/might/maybe start something.

For example, I was in the bathroom getting ready to crash for the night when, at the oddest time, that FIRST LINE hit me.

Sleep was soon out of the question. I was turning on the laptop, punching in my secret code words & unlocking everything before I forgot that first line. I just did not want to forget it! If I did not put it down, I know, in the morning, after the fog has evaporated in my head, after the secret medicines I need to function as a human being have been ingested, after having the “Good morning, honey” conversation with My Special Lady Friend has been had, I will know, in my guts & bones, there was something I had. Something good. Something that had to be written down.

But I don’t remember what it is!

That is the killer of functioning. And, boy, is THAT an odd sentence: …killer of functioning! Kind of a double negative. Or: an oxymoron. Point being, I was ready to put my body down… shut my mind down – and they just hit.

The Words.

Now: when it just hits, you have some options. You can do the common thing to do. The almost tragic, current & younger generational thing to do: tell yourself you will do it later. You will work on something important later, with every intention of doing it. We have all the intention in the world.

Intention is cheap that, ironically, pays a high price.

(No one should be offended by that assessment. EVERY generation has had more than a few fellows & ladies dancing to that tech twist.)

Second: simply, let it be. You have had those moments before, you will have more of them again when you should be going to bed, you go to bed, and you just let it be!

Never thinking about it again.

A small tragedy, never to be thought of again.

Third: do what I just did, tonight: DO IT! No matter what it is you do. If you wash dishes for a living, know there are some dirty ones in your own sink, and the IT! hits you – DO IT! Wash the damn dish. If you paint, start stretching that canvas.

For me, tonight, I heard in my head: intention is cheap that, ironically, pays a high price.

I felt like sharing it with you, Dear Readers.


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