Waving Goodbye to White

What can I say about Betty White?

My God, that is such a horrible start to an article.  But I do not know where to start!

     In MY life, she came out of the television as the outspoken, wonderful, classy lady from St. Olaf.

     I’m not sure what time the Golden Girls came on (9:00?) but I would watch those episodes, with my mother, growing up. 

     I remember the episode when Rose brought out the first slices of cheesecake for the ladies… and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, stop reading!

     I remember Ms. White telling a cop that if she had a cock, this when she would tell him to suck it.  And I almost spit the cigarette out of my mouth when that sweet little lady said those words.

     I remember, not that long ago, I was in my new home, after being homeless, watching a Movie with her in Alaska doing a sex dance with Sandra Bullock… it made me laugh hard enough to clutch my side, pray no one was looking, because the tears were soon to come.

     Anyway, this was a WOMAN of women.  She helped with protecting animals… she brings tears to your eyes… can make you laugh when there is not a damn thing to laugh about.

     There have only been a small handful of people that have been ALIVE in my life that I have been given the gift to mourn their passing.

     Famous people, that is.

     There was the BIG one, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and a few others that brought tears to my eyes.  Not just in their literary or artistic accomplishments – but their LIVES!


     I’m almost 40.

     My goodness, 99!

     That sweet woman should have been here a thousand times more,

I have known BAD people.  That means I know GOOD people. 

     She was good people – all of us, still, are living in a harsh world!

We need as many Good People as we can get.


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