Dear Reader:

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Sometimes – a great deal of times – it is hard to explain the WHY! And in the past, I don’t know, eighty hours, MY reasons WHY I have done some of the things I did are strange & contradictory.

I was in an “altercation” with another Man four nights ago. No need to get into the reasons. I did something, he did something. We got into it.

Bad things, of course, were said.

There were no resolutions, no apologies and, worst of all, no purposes to the confrontation. It was just something that happened between two Men that were angry at one another.

The smoke had pretty much cleared by the next morning. Some smoldering, uncomfortable coals still burned between the two of us. But they were not hot enough for me not to go & talk to him like, I don’t know, a civilized person, and we shook hands after the conversation.

Last night, I cooked supper for that man. That same man that was screaming at me a few nights prior.

My Special Lady Friend worked a 12-hour shift yesterday. Naturally, making supper for her & me seemed almost a given.

My menu was Seashell Noodles in a creamy cheese sauce, with parsley & ground pepper on top. For the entre: flatiron grilled steak left over from the night before.

(We celebrated a birthday on The Compound, & steak was what I cooked for everyone.)

Also: on that night I was told the man I was close to going toe to toe with, who was at this birthday celebration, found out his father is passing.

Once again, I’m not going to go into details.

That would be disrespectful, I believe.

However, his situation bothered me on some odd, emotional level. What would I do? How would I react if I got that kind of tragic news? These were questions that stuck with me; bothered me, at times, throughout the day where there was only one thing I could think of doing: offer the dude a plate of food.

And that is what I did.

I walked up to him, told him I was cooking at the house, and would he care for some supper.

“Oh, hell yeah, if there’s food, I’ll take some,” he said.

It was a good thing to hear.

Sometimes things are not so bad you don’t offer to help, if you can.

Just as much as doing the Right thing is not synonymous with orchestrating a Good thing.

It’s sometimes hard to explain the WHYs..


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