To All Those That Are Positive:

Notes From the Night Desk

Drawing Of Coronavirus Covid19 Stock Illustration - Download Image Now -  iStock

I know, I know, I know: the past year & a half has been rough on everybody. Dealing with a Pandemic, political strife, and everything from race riots to conspiracy, Doomsday Prophets spouting-off the End of America has started probably has us all feeling a little too down, a little doubtful of a Happily Ever After.

It seems like conversations on whether or not you got a shot determining your eligibility to work or go to certain public places has become just as common as asking good Ol’ neighbor Wilson to forgive you because you forgot to return his Pyrex casserole platter.

And those damn things cost about $20!

Seriously, though, talking about COVID-19 is common. Common in an absurd way. Absurd to me, anyway. Having different opinions on what is being done is common. There will NEVER be a topic without opposing sides, conflicting views… EVERYONE feeling & thinking…

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