It’s Christmas… It’s the Season for Miracles

Christmas Miracles happen. I experienced one last night. Now, Dear Reader, stay with me on this, because it may not seem like a Miracle to you. But, for me, it is an amazing form of evolution – a revelation, almost, of how much better life is.

My sister & me were texting each other last night.

And Me & My Special Lady Friend were laughing so hard at these texts.

We were planning for the zombie apocalypse. She & her family would come here, to the armed Compound, in Taylorsville. We plotted the planting of crops… me assuring her we have a fresh water supply. Plenty of weapons. The high ground!

It was ridiculous; it was FUN!

Ah, yes! We were, as she put it: “Middle aged Nerds.”

On a Monday night, we were giggling over a fantasy apocalypse.

Then we started Messaging one another about something REAL: the Miracle! She wants to come over to visit Me & My Special Lady Friend. She is actually planning on loading her family to come visit Old Mill Acres Farm!

To visit me! Her older brother.

In six days, December 27th, I’ll be seeing my sister for the first time in four years… maybe close to five…? And those were years of silence. No texts. No letters. No phone calls.

Now, she did see me two summers ago. But I was in a coma.

She saw me with a feeding tube… a tube in my throat… tubes & I. V. s everywhere. A rather monstrous & pathetic, medical mess. My body fighting to survive from infections.

The few times I have talked to her over the phone about that appalling moment in our lives, she can’t help choking & struggling to keep from weeping. And, sometimes, she can fight those justifiable sobs from coming… sometimes she can’t.

We have it planned-out: December 27th, she will arrive at the hotel where Me & My Lady will be staying. My Lady will meet her down in the lobby.

I’ll be waiting in the room.

Yes, I’ll be a little freaked out.

We decided on this plan. We thought it through, thoroughly. We thought it best Me & My sister should see one another without any other family around, and in private.

(My Lady will be in the room. That is a MUST! She is, without question, an essential component to my strength. And she is stronger than me in so many ways.)

There is no way to predict what will happen… how we will feel actually SEEING one another.

Will she cry?


Is my face going to be slapped?

I don’t know.

Is there a chance for some laughs?

God, I hope so.

But none of it matters. We will be together. That is another miracle.

That’s all that matters.


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