CAUTION! Social Media… Sexual Advances… Prepaid Credit Cards & BLOCKING the Next Generation of Working Girls

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When I started going onto social media sites (Instagram, Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc.,) I wanted to promote my writing. Get my Blog noticed more by people I normally would never have contact with.

Strangers: I wanted to become more comfortable with strangers reading my work.

That was it!

I wanted my Blog to be read. I wanted more readers; more comments & some sense that my work was growing. And I promised myself I would push my way past my comfort zone to do it. What I got, mostly, from all these sites were countless amounts of women soliciting themselves, asking for money, sending me nude photographs & the like with promises WE would see each other soon. And don’t get me wrong, I like naked women.

(I’m a Man & I am supposed to like that.)

It’s in the blood.

There is nothing I can do about liking the photos sent to me. And they are photos that will just “pop” up in the Chat Windows. They are not something I have asked for. Sometimes, I like what I see. Can’t lie about that, & if I tried, I would look like the biggest lying fool known to all Western Society. But that is not why I joined these sites.

In fact, I had NO idea the content I have seen recently was ALLOWED on such common user domains/sites!

Sure: I’m familiar with many pornographic websites. Those are as common as grilled cheese sandwiches & pickles for a Tuesday afternoon lunch.

But these sites… actually messaging back & forth with someone… to have them be blunt about what they want, & what they say they will do & be for you is nothing short of Black & White prostitution.

Social Media has become the Coup de Grace of porn. – Hell, the internet has become Porn’s best, most polarized friend. In cahoots the two of them are, pushing the boundaries between acceptable, healthy sexuality with brutal, animalistic immorality.

Now, to add a little more frustration into the private minds of people, there is an open market to sex.

Last night: I did some odd research. I was curious. For the past 10 days I have been getting friend requests on my Instagram account. Requests from women that are not shy to show me (and probably hundreds of other men) their unmentionable parts.

My research: respond back to some of them.

What did I get in return?

A whole lot of drama!

This morning a brother to one of the women I was swapping messages back & forth with contacted me. Asking me why I BLOCKED his sister on Instagram.

That was question in which he did NOT want my true thoughts on.

After a few messages back and forth with this woman, let’s call her Terri, she asked for me to purchase a prepaid credit card for her to come & visit me.

I quickly DELETED the whole conversation. And I BLOCKED that woman from ever being able to contact me again.

A few hours later, I got the message from her brother – that’s what he claims to be, anyway – demanding why I broke his sister’s heart. That she cares about me SO MUCH & is in LOVE with me…

The woman saw my PROFILE picture, read, maybe, twenty sentences from me on a Social Media landscape. And she is now in LOVE with me? Enough to have her brother contact me! It all seemed so crazy!

What are those people thinking?

If that was TRUELY her brother, he needs to give his sister a talking to about sharing nude photographs of herself with complete strangers online for money.

Talk to her about the dangers of promising herself to people over the internet. Some twisted Man could take that shit seriously, & drive to wherever the hell she lives to claim his PRIZE. Or worse, she goes to him.

What if this is a child playing with something they know nothing about. Some kid that does not realize how dark & mean & black & ruthless certain people’s souls are.

It’s all madness.

That is my sentiment on the whole absurd & obscene world of digital networking. And that is what I was trying to do. Hope that one person would read my Blog, share it, & so on & so forth… I doubt those women read my work.

I sent it along in Private Messages, hoping against hope I would get an inquiry back. One of them, certainly ONE of them would have a question about whichever story I had sent to them.

There never was. But, if I were to purchase an iTunes card for one of the nurses currently caring for the Army in Iraq, she would send me a video of herself doing… well, whatever it is that she does.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want this article to be read the wrong way. I like sex. I like naked women. However, I am in this wonderful time in my life that, in concerning these matters, everything is almost too good to be true.

And I will not mess it up over some .com hussy looking for some easy cash.


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