Something About the Knives…

that fascinates me. Always has. The knives in the RAMBO films are VERY much characters that are as essential to the development of the story, and of the character, John J. Rambo. For example: the first Knife, designed by Jimmy Lile.

Lile Model FB Knives were inspired by Jimmy Lile’s original knife made for the movie Rambo First Blood and this model closely follows the original knife. Both models are stamped with the trademarked LILE name and come with a case, sheath and sharpening stone.

First Blood Knife - Rambo Knife - Jimmy Lile Knives

The design of the knife, and where the character of RAMBO was at that time in his life, is perfect. RAMBO was wandering the states, homeless, alone, suffering from PTSD, and I see this knife as a survivalist knife. Used for “hunting,” as Stallone responds in a dethatched & stoic manner as to why he would have such a knife.

The answer is simple: he needed it for HUNTING.

So: I see this knife as one NEEDED for surviving the horrible manhunt that ensues by local authorities to apprehend RAMBO.

Master Cutlery, knife II Rambo, First Blood Part 2

Rambo: First Blood Part Two. All I have to say about this knife is it is beautiful. The design & color have everything to do with tactical stealth weaponry, with a chaser of HOLLYWOOD fashion & design.

It has to be the most iconic of the RAMBO knives.

A "Rambo III" Gil Hibben Bowie Knife with Leather Scabbard.... | Lot #89059  | Heritage Auctions

By the time the third installment of the RAMBO Chronicles began, famous knife & blade designer, Gil Hibben, was part of the major fashioning of the Rambo III knife. The knife is more like a sword. There is a certain symbolism to RAMBO & the quintessential, tragic, and almost Literary attributes to the wounded warrior. A warrior NOT wanting to fight. But NEEDING to feel complete & help those that he cares about.

  • 18″ Overall
  • 13″ 440 Stainless Steel Blade. 0.25″ Blade Thickness.
  • 5″ Wood Handle
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Sheath: Top Grain, Leather Belt Sheath with Leg Tie

Gil Hibben IV Machete Knife with Leather

Fast forward from 1988 to 2008, and you have the Gibben IV “Big John” machete. What makes this blade so special is you get to see a scene in the film where RAMBO is forging his weapon the night before going into battle.

17 7/8″ overall. 11 3/8″ black finish 1090 hand forged carbon steel machete style blade. Full tang. Black fabric wrapped grip. Lanyard hole. Brown leather lanyard. Black custom leather belt sheath.

A heavy knife, it is.

But one of my favorites. Rambo IV is my favorite film of the franchise. It’s just a well-written, well directed film about a burnt-out character… the demons he won’t let go, and the choice he has to make to help or ignore the problems that are around him.

There are three major blades in the very gory Rambo: Last Blood (2019).

There is the Heartstopper, probably used in the goriest scene of the movie. Heartstopper, shown below.

Image 1 - Rambo Last Blood Fixed Knife 9" Stainless Steel Full Tang Blade Micarta Handle

15″ overall. 9″ spear point blade. Green handle. Stainless guard. Full, extended tang. Polished and satin finish blade. Sub-hilt design with intricately machined hand guard. Licensed replica created using an actual knife used in connection with the production. First edition. Serialized limited edition of 5000. Certificate of Authenticity comes with matching serial number. Brown buffalo leather hide belt sheath with leg tie and camo paracord lanyard.

14″ overall. 8″ stainless blade. Black handle. Polished and satin finish bowie style blade. Licensed replica that was created based on an actual knife used in connection with the production. First edition. Serialized limited edition of 5000. Certificate of Authenticity with matching serial number. Black buffalo hide belt sheath with leg tie and camo paracord lanyard.

This is knife #2 in Rambo: Last Blood.

It is used more in the film than the Heartstopper.

Rambo: Last Blood – Prototype and the Dagger | Custom knives

This is a dagger used in the film as a throwing knife. There are two other knives from the movies, like this one, that were more “lower” cast members compared to their sharp, iconic kin.

There is the Rambo: First Blood Part 2 boot knife:

Rambo First Blood Part II Boot Knife 6" Blade, Leather Sheath - KnifeCenter  - RB2BOOT - Discontinued

Each Sylvester Stallone boot knife measures 11.5″ in overall length and features one piece construction of top quality 420 stainless steel, and black micarta inlaid handle.

Rambo III Dagger | Arizona Custom Knives

And here is the boot dagger from Rambo III.

That is all I got, for now.

I guess I wanted to write about something fun tonight. Thank you for reading.

Leland Locke


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