All the Small Things, Making-Up the Big Things

Doodle vector of Washing machine

There was a time not that long ago when I did not have new cloths, let alone cloths that would last all through the week without needing to be washed.

I had four pairs of socks, for Heaven’s Sake. Last time I checked, there were seven days out of the week. Three pairs of jeans; a handful of shirts. You don’t even want to know the boxer-brief situation.

And that was an improvement!

The cloths on my back were, at one time, all I had. And one hot-afternoon, there was nothing more than a pair of pants on me. I actually “came-to” wearing nothing but pants. Did not even have socks! That was a hard day. But, if I were to be realistic, all those days were HARD days!

There are so many cloths, now. Sure: it pales in comparison to that of a good amount of people, but I feel as if I became RICH overnight. Most of the cloths purchased in ONE day. – Just ONE day! Socks, shirts, underwear. More cloths than there are days of the week.

Something I have not had for years: a sense of being prepared. Or complete. Or normal.

That is what is driving me to write this column. Yesterday, while at Walmart, I realized I needed some underwear. Not because I did not have any. No, no. It was because my attention on other things have prevented me from doing my laundry.

(That is something else I will write about: Laundry.)

I now have MORE pairs of sausage covers than days of the week!

What an odd feeling this is.

And I’m trying to put, adequately, the right words to convey what this feeling is that I am feeling…? It’s a feeling, I imagine, some people, thank God, don’t HAVE! Then again, that is presumptuous. But, honestly, how many people have this wonderful feeling of completeness while pondering over their boxer-brief inventory?

I bet, not that many.

But I do.

I really, really do.

So: Laundry!

I’m in this odd position where someone is DOING my laundry. And I don’t even ask for her to do it. She just does it! I don’t understand &, yet, I do. She is taking care of me. It’s one of her forms of Love Language, along with touch. – Another important part of Our Language, spoken.

And there is nothing better than watching her bend over to get a load of cloths out of the dryer, and me “goosing” her in the process. Nothing wrong with that! It is a form of such profound intimacy, it’s enough to make a Man both smile & shiver.

These Special Ladies in Our lives are the princesses we thought about when we were kids. They still care for our wounds. Fill our bellies. Be the strength & courage we know, deep down, we can not compete with.

Gentlemen: after you are done reading this, go & kiss your Lady on the cheek. Tell her you love her. Then offer to do the laundry.


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