All the Small Things, Making-Up the Big Things

There is something nice about this piece. Something that just made me feel good after writing it.

Notes From the Night Desk

Doodle vector of Washing machine

There was a time not that long ago when I did not have new cloths, let alone cloths that would last all through the week without needing to be washed.

I had four pairs of socks, for Christ Sake. last time I checked there were seven days out of the week. Three pairs of jeans; a handful of shirts. You don’t even want to know the boxer-brief situation.

And that was an improvement!

The cloths on my back were, at one time, all I had. And, like one hot-afternoon, was nothing more than a pair of pants. I actually “came-to” wearing nothing but pants. Did not even have socks! That was a hard day. But, if were to be realistic, all those days were HARD days!

There are so many cloths, now. Sure: it pales in comparison to that of a good amount of people, but I feel as if…

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