They Should Never Know…

May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and indoor

and they really shouldn’t.

I have been fighting it for years… been arguing about it for years… but, no matter what I say, I would NEVER want the children to know about it.

There are a great many things we protect Our children from. From hunger. From exposure. And from the unexplainable “Whys” so many children seem to have.

A child is the Ultimate Journalist, possessing the uncanny quality of picking the RIGHT questions at the WRONG time. In doing that, we, the adults, have Our gaurd down when those terrible, unexplanable questions come about.

“Why is the sky blue?”

“Where do babies come from?”

“Are you coming home?”

One of the questions I have hated to hear through the years, by children& adults, alike: “Why don’t you sleep?”

I don’t ask an obese individual why they are so large. That would be rude. Beyond rude! It would be offensive.

Insomnia is something I have been struggling with for as long as I could count those damn sheep jumping over the damn fence. It has been the cause of many altercations with intimate partners, friendships are hard to keep when you call some poor soul at 3:42 in the morning to talk about the bad movies that were played on HBO at that unholy hour – parents gets scared. Wives & Husbands argue.

And then there is the physical struggles with the disorder:

Conditions resulting from Insomnia include psychological stress, chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, heartburn, and hyperthyroidism.

Sleep Hygiene & Lifestyle Changes.



I have pretty much tried them all.

Finally, though, I have found something that has been working for me: I have accepted THIS IS WHAT I AM.

I am wired different. My mind moves fast – so fast, it takes speed to keep up with it. Tossing & turning around in the bed is not conducive to a positive evening – for ANYONE!

I accept it, now. Instead of looking down at the disorder, why not make it an Order of Worth?

Doing the dishes or washing a load of laundry is a good way to pass the time. And you are doing something productive. That is the key: DO SOMETHING! Stay away from the sappy &/or the macabre films & television shows. Read books that are NOT about insomnia.

Personally, I prefer doing the laundry. Something about fold the cloths is comforting.


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