From the Taylorsville Compound Desk: December 09, 2021

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It has to be too good to be true – a fanciful & cruel lie to a child! Today not only was I blessed to speak to someone I admire, but I got a little taste of what it must feel like to be admired. Well, maybe admired is too strong of a word. And not the accurate word, at that. And didn’t Mark Twain have something to say about using the right word…?


There. There is the right word. A person I feel very close to was actually proud of ME! ME! Of all the messed-up fixing in the ways of the world, someone I care for was proud of me. Proud of a small accomplishment. Small, but, oh, the prices so many people have paid for me just to have that little taste of what it must feel like to be great. And to be great at the thing you are passionate about… there is no other feeling like that!

What was my small accomplishment?

I had an administrator of a small literary magazine contact me.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: once again, feeling strain & anxiety, the Author was required to take a much-needed break away from his writing, but then technology deceived him. It did not AUTOSAVE his work. And, no, Dear Reader, He would not lie to you! There was SO MUCH MORE, SO MUCH MORE copy twenty minutes ago than what is to be presented here, to you, now. He might as well tell you the story.)

“I had to stop writing this piece to get something else in my head. A Little breath of fresh air, if you will. So: I went onto Facebook. You know the tab (?) the one that asks you what is on your mind. Well, hell, that is what I did on that bastard of a website… and it was working. It was almost therapeutic: purging myself on a Social Media Site. And, why not? The format was different. I was “exposing” myself, making myself vulnerable. See, what has been happening tonight is something I did not think would happen. People from Literary Magazines are contacting me, I’m meeting with the Managing Editor of the Taylorsville Times, the local weekly… the writing is coming & coming in almost perverse-like waves of WOW! There is the Home that I have. Being around a supportive group of people by my side day in & day out… the knives are sharp, drinks are cold, family is alive & healthy… however, besides my personal bedroom affairs, it’s the Literary Element with me in it, & my rapid evolution that is giving me moments of difficult breathing. Just imagine: six months from now, I could have a book available for purchase on, working for a weekly newspaper, & still having the energy & focus & ambition to submit to the more prestigious Literary Magazines & Journals. And I have not even mentioned the Letters & Poems I have constructed in the past twenty years needing a home. It has been far too long! Those wild, typed-written pages of poems & prose are deserving of a home. And I have gotten that little taste of passion (little taste) and I am hooked. A junky to the idea & image of My name in print… in new & wonderful ways. I have written this statement before, and I will write it again: Things Are Better, & Sometimes Better Is the Best Anyone Can Get.”


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