Something About the South

“Best place in the country.”

That is what Mr. Tent had to say about it.

There is something about the South.

William Faulkner.

Mark Twain.

Mr. Sean Dietrich.

Writers & Borbon Brewers.

Pecan pie & fried chicken.

The first trip I remember to the South, it was my mother taking me to visit my Grandpa Bill & Aunt Edith & Babe. Those were very Special trips for me.

I remember a Friday after school, after going to the school library (this must have been the fifth grade) & I got my two favorite books on snakes.

My brother & my sister in the van… packing food for the drive.

Now: the other Souther venture would be Vacations in Florida.

But I’ll wait to write about that some other time.

The pigs & goats & chickens need fed.


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