Something Not Strange… But Quick

Kerouac changed the way I write. Kerouac, during the 1950s & 1960s, changed the way a lot of Young Writers wrote.

He was an inspiration… & in his frenetic, super-heated writing style, a new form of prose was created.

I can see it.

I acknowledge it.

But, sadly, if you are NOT in Colorado… if you are not in San Franscico, the magic can pass you by, And that is the WORSE THING: the Magic passing you by.

I was 19 when I discovered Kerouac…

His legend & legacy endures in the literary world….

But only if you LOOK for it!

Same with Bukowski… or Ferlinghetti

I was young…

I looked for inspiration!



at t/


could be

a bit

strange.7But Kerouac’s prose kept me grounded to the typewriter. It was 1957 when On the Road, Kerouac’s brilliant novel of absolute Love & Youth & Energy was published. It was 2004 when I read it…

And I have kept on reading it throughout the years!

Time to feed the dogs.

I will get back to Kerouac & Energy & Writing & Youth later.

A Good Typer


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