Starting Sober

This all began back in 2013, writing on WordPress. That was back when I lived in Missoula, MT. I don’t remember what I was trying to accomplish back then. Maybe I just wanted to learn how to share my writing with the public…?

For years, my writing has been in secret spiral bound notebooks, stacks of typewritten pages, volumes of composition notebooks, and private files on laptops and desktops. I turned in essays for school… I have been published in some books, two magazines, newspapers, and there were some websites kind enough to include my words. But as far as my own forum on the internet dedicated to writing, this is where it began.

Where it is going to begin again. This time, I will be writing sober.

See: I am an alcoholic. Have been alcoholic since I was 20 years old. I have wrecked cars, been in the hospital more times than I care to remember (and I think there are some times I DO NOT remember,) lost my wife and son, been homeless, and been declared legally and medically insane.

But I have kept on writing.

What I will be publishing/posting here are personal essays – columns, diary entries, whatever you want to call them – I have written over the past six months living in a Sober Home. I typed these pieces up on two typewriters, usually in a dashing from my room to the kitchen where I am the Kitchen Manager, trying to convince myself I am still a writer.

(I am not sure how long it had been since i had used a typewriter. What I do know is I have not been in a stable place – have not lived in any one place – in over two years. (I imagine it is hard to lug around a typewriter when you are homeless.)

So, in the following weeks, I will be selecting some of my columns, titled Stirring the Sauce, to re-write and to be published here on WordPress.

Hope you enjoy them!


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