Rulers of the Shelves, Lords of Your Collectables


Author’s Note: February 15, 2013, that’s when this piece was originally posted. And it was the first thing I ever posted WordPress. Things were very different then. And so many things have happened. What I do wish for: the Writing to evolve – has evolved – during the past 9 years. That is how long it has been: 9 years the 15th of this month. I would like to thank everyone that has time out of their day to read about my life. And, hopefully, I will hear from you one day.

Thank You.

Leland Locke

February 02, 2022

Taylorsville, N. C.

One important lesson a toddler can teach you is their possessions become more important than your own.  Fear of the unknown expiration date might arrive at any moment, requiring immediate relocation.  Books, DVDs, and those Christmas-gift-like knickknacks advertising personality or beliefs move one shelf higher.  And then they are moved higher until a majority of those possessions end up being hidden behind closest doors, stuffed in dresser drawers, boxed up & stacked up whereever there is room, or sold at the next yard sale.

Stuffed creatures donning silent attitude problems, & their hard plastic roommates arrive from mysterious, cartoon countries called “TOLO,” brightly colored foam balls, wooden, sticky fingered stained play sets, and hidden treasure pieces of food have taken over the territory: your little girl or boy has settled in.

No matter what study-aid you might have chosen, nothing adequately prepares you for a pop-quiz on What Movies and Framed Photos Can You Live Without?

Certainties (more than not) are a beginning, followed by mid-terms on doubt, and then wrapping it up with a personal, self-graded final on Am I Doing the Right Thing? kick starts numerous other hypothetical questioning – and the kid is ONLY 18 MONTHS OLD!


What will it be like in 36 months?

I wonder.


One thought on “Rulers of the Shelves, Lords of Your Collectables

  1. I absolutely love the pic at the beginning of your blog! It looks like your little guy might be the one typing up the blog. I look forward to hearing more from you. Anyone who has had to gradually move their prized possessions higher and higher out of reach of little fingers can appreciate what your are writing about.

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